Counteracting Stress


Mental Wealth

Our aim is to support clients to counteract stress, anxiety and disease, attaining stillness and calm. From this space comes clarity and improved decision making that enhances personal growth. Using deep relaxation, meditation and counselling tools, striving towards thriving and promoting mental wealth. Developing kindness and compassion and focusing these positive traits on well being to become their best version of themselves.


Jo Colville

I have been practicing yoga and meditation for more than twenty years. I have found it to be an invaluable tool for recovery after accident, injury and illness. When the body is deeply relaxed, the mind will follow.

I studied Psychotherapeutic Counselling alongside working as a counsellor and I noticed the increase in amount of clients I was working with suffering from stress and anxiety. I am accredited with the National Counselling Society. I have travelled to India to explore this further and studied mediation, yoga, chair yoga and holistic therapy. I am accredited by the International Meditation Teacher and Therapists Association (IMTTA).

What I learned is that we can only be in stress or relaxation, and when stressed, we cannot begin to heal and recover. Our ancient instinctual fight, flight response is triggered by everyday events and causes a negative impact on us. Stressed states like anger, frustration and fear keep us in a chaotic, limited state. From these limited states we do not make healthy or happy life choices and so we perpetuate our suffering.

By bringing awareness to what is happening within ourselves and learning relaxation response, we can counteract stress and anxiety and promote mental wealth.